Introducing SK8IT 4WARD PHX merchandise powered by TIG3R12 Clothing Co. We are pleased to collaborate with this noble cause and will donate 100% of net profit on all sales of their products.


Our names are Blake and Jenny Rhodes.  Skateboarding has had a positive impact on our family and is something we are passionate about so we wanted to use it as a way to give back to the community.

We have been inspired by a Pay It Forward movement created by Craig Vezina called Skate-It-Forward Fredericton. He started building used skateboards and donating them to individuals who didn't have the necessary means.

We hope to help continue to grow this movement here in Arizona by collecting local donations of used skate gear and equipment and re-gifting them to kids and adults who need them. 

Skateboarding is a great way to get active, it improves coordination, and provides independence and freedom in the form of transportation.  It is also easy to maintain at a low-cost.

With your help, we hope to put many skateboards under the feet of children and adults that otherwise wouldn't have this opportunity.